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Water/Flood Damage - NY

Any homeowner who has had water damage knows the mess that it creates. Soaked carpeting should be cleaned and dried quickly before mold and mildew have any chance to grow. When faced with a situation such as this, homeowner needs the help of a professional flood cleanup service.

The most important step in flood cleanup, naturally, is to remove the water from the structure. Don't wait to call for help. It only takes a few days for mold and mildew to develop, so any hesitation on the part of the homeowner could lead to more damage and extra expense.

The best professional in New York will answer calls for help 24 hours a day. We use power equipment to remove water from wet carpets and flooded basements, then follow up with specialized drying equipment. To ensure that all carpet, flooring, furniture, and upholstery is thoroughly dried. Their trained technicians use meters to test for moisture. We use drying equipment again if necessary to be sure everything is completely dry. If the problem isn't taken care of promptly and mold is discovered, the water damage cleanup service offers mold clean up and removal. One important point to remember. Almost all insurance policies cover water damage, but not all insurance will cover the cost of mold removal.

The Big Apple Carpet also offers carpet and upholstery cleaning. The usual method of cleaning carpet is by using shampoo, foam, or dry foam and a hard brush to loosen dirt and then vacuum it away after the carpet has dried. Big Apple Carpet uses a vastly different method. Instead of detergents or chemicals, their process uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly CO2 as the release agent. CO2 releases bubbles that penetrate the carpet fibers and dissolve grease, dirt, and pet stains. The dirt is then propelled to the surface to be extracted. This process has many advantages over soap and water or steam cleaning. CO2 leaves no residue to attract dirt and carpet dries faster because this process uses 1/5 of the water used in traditional carpet cleaning processes.

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