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Area Rug Cleaning - NY

Before doing work on your area rug, our experts conduct a careful inspection to find the best cleaning method. We look at damage inflicted by moths, pets, water, fire and damage caused by stains, spots or spills at the same time. Next, our experts check your rug for colorfastness and adjust our wash process to safeguard your area rug from color running.


Lesser cleaners simply vacuum the surface area. We work with a machine that applies micro-agitation to pick up dirt, dust, and debris. These particulates can wear away at rug fibers.

First-stage Wash

Next, we soak your area rug to reduce soil, dirt, and spotting through water saturation. We pay special care to the back of your rug and fringes exact same time, so that every rug fiber receives a deep cleaning.

Second-stage Wash

Commercial cleaners and their water extraction methods leave your area rug full of soapy residue that collects new dirt like a magnet. Our company has state-of-the-art equipment that rinses all detergents out of your rug. Your area rug is flooded with freshwater, removing all cleaners.

Grooming & Drying

We groom rugs by setting the pile in the correct direction and gently combing the fringes. We dry rugs in a special environmentally controlled room. Different levels of heat, temp and airflow, are tailored to each rugs needs.

Fragrance Scenting

This value-added step applies a fragrance, which sanitizes your area rug and freshens up a room. Scented rinsing also take place at this point to condition the rug pile and freshen the area rug.

Post-wash Inspection

All rugs we clean must pass final inspection as soon as the cleaning & drying process is done. If a second wash is needed to eradicate stubborn stains, the rug will undergo the task again.

We also repair and restore area rugs. Some rugs are repaired quickly by machine and for handmade area rugs, our professionals will apply their skills to edges, holes and fringe. The experts work restores a rug to its original beauty.

Repairs are executed by hand and machine depending on the rug you request a repair for.

Final Inspection

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If you are unhappy with your area rug cleaning after completing the process, we will pick up and re-clean it for you. Even if you have a little accident during this period we will come back and clean the stain at no extra charge.

We are a family owned business with over three full decades of expertise in the Tri-State area and beyond. We give special care to every job and provide service with the highest of standards.