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Carpet Cleaning - NY

Cleaning your wall-to-wall carpets is our bread and butter. Our technicians can produce any carpet look better and make it feel better, even if it is in bad condition. You may take pride in your residence when your carpets are looking their best.

There are several different types of cleaning available.

Steam cleaning:

To have a nice refreshening of your wall-to-wall carpet, steam cleaning is a great option when the carpet is either in good shape and has virtually no stains.


If a carpet one is more than a few months old and contains some light stains or spills, the right shampoo brings it to its former glory in no time.

Deep cleaning:

If for example, the carpet has extensive stains or is really dirty, deep cleaning is it's only hope.

Ultimate Cleaning Service:

If your carpet has major stains and heavy damage, this is the ideal cleaning package for you. If you are thinking about replacing the carpet, try this process first, it could save you hundreds. The heaviest stains like pet stains, juice, and foods aren't any match for our cleaning process.

- Whether you think your carpet is beyond hope, let us remove and replace your carpet for you.

- We are a "one-stop-shop" to purchase your carpet needs.

- You'll be able to pick from thousands of new carpets from our stock.

- We even install the next day!

- You can pick from the best pads such as non-slip, jute, synthetic and foam pads.

A good rug pad can dramatically extend the life of your families wall-to-wall carpeting, and saving you money is our main concern. Call us for any of your carpet concerns.

It is possible to reach us at any time, 24/7 for great service.

We use non-toxic cleaning products to keep your family safe.

No cookie-cutter service here; we approach every carpet within a situational basis. The cleaning agents we use sense are kid safe and earth friendly.

We have been around for 30 years and continue to give the best carpet cleaning service til this day. To acquire a cleaner and healthier home, call us for carpet services.

Our services include New Jersey, and all areas of New York. We are an independent and family owned business, and we are proud of the service that you can expect from us. Trust this company with thirty years experience solving all carpet cleaning issues with integrity and attention to detail.