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Area Rug Repair - NY

The question of whether or not to restore, repair, or preserve a vintage rugs be based upon circumstances. Rugs and carpets are considered to enhance the beauty of the home. They are attractive, colorful and also expensive. But at times, there could be a damage done unintentionally by kids, pets or any member of the family. In such cases, the rugs are to be repaired immediately or else. The section that is torn or damaged, would keep increasing and finally the owner will lose the entire rug. Rugs and carpets, if taken care at the very first instance of tearing, can be repaired and be given an entirely new and fresh look. But what is important is the selection of our rug repair company.

There are plenty of rug repair companies presented in the New York area. Most of them make tall claims of their services at low rates. The owner should, however, be careful while selecting the rug repair business. Choosing the wrong rug repair business, would not help the owner and he might lose the entire rug at all due to the wrong techniques and methods used by them. Hence, just to save some money, the owners should not give the rugs to amateurs who would experiment with it. The rugs are expensive and need professional help to repair it and give them the same look. This is possibly only by our rug repair specialists who have proven experience and expertise with them. At the request of clients, we can provide a long list of existing clients who are satisfied with our service.

The rug repair specialist first tries to understand the fabric that the rug is made of. Then, he inspects the rug carefully for the different places that are torn or damaged. Even the fibers that come out of the rugs are taken care of. Next, the professional decides on the type of repair to be performed in such a manner that the rug is not only repaired, but also the portion is hidden from the general view. By considering all these factors, the professionals ensure that the services rendered by them provide their clients with value worth their money. They also give the rugs a fresh lease on life could easily be used for a longer period of time without worrying. Even the guests, who would come to the house, would not be able to detect the patch that has been repaired by our rug repair specialists.

You will get only quality repairs from our facility. We have craftsman weavers that work on the rugs with tactics and yarns that preserve the original look and feel of your rug.

We are fully licensed and insured so there is no need to panic about liability. We do restorations that might otherwise be considered total insurance losses. Our expertise includes repairing damage from the elements, insects, pets, exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays. Arrangements can also be made to receive rugs shipped to us from around the continent.